Free Audio Bible on MP3 CDs

As you know, you are welcome to download these recordings, for personal, non-commercial use, and to make and distribute copies for the same purpose.

Alternatively, a free a set of 6 MP3 CDs is available by post, on request, as pictured below.

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These can be played on computers with a CD drive.  Many modern CD players are also described as able to play MP3 CDs - one bought recently cost less than some audio-bibles on conventional CDs!  The CD player in my car (manufactured 2012) also plays them.  It is also easy to copy the audio files onto a USB memory stick, or other device.

Someone told me recently that you can also play them on a Playstation.  (And I thought that was what you got with a train set.)

With the MP3 CDs is a
Data CD that will allow you to print labels for copies you make for others, and to print the outer folder, exactly as shown here.  All the materials you will need can be bought from 'Amazon' and at the time of writing cost less than 2 per Audio-bible.  So giving an Audio-bible to someone will cost you less than a coffee and a cookie at McDonalds!

To receive your free Audio-bible MP3 CDs, please phone, write to the address below, or email, giving your postal address. The only commitment from you is that they will be used, not just left on the shelf!

David Carpenter
89, Addenbrooke Street,
West Midlands
WS10 8HJ

There is no charge for this, and please do not enclose any payment or donations -- the purpose is simply to encourage and enable Christians to become very familiar with the Word of God.

Whenever there is an invitation from a Church or other Christian group to talk or preach about scripture at a service or group, and they say how many they expect to attend, David brings to the meeting enough sets of audio-Bible CDs to give one set to everyone comes to the meeting. 

Please phone, email or write to me if you would like to discuss this, or indeed any of the contents of this website.