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The Bible's Hidden Way to Godly Prosperity


I have never got over the sense of amazement that God came looking for me when my life was a meaningless mess, and I certainly was not seeking Him. 

This is the story of a real 'loser' - whose life was transformed by our wonderful Lord and Saviour.  It was published in 2007 by an American publisher called Authorhouse.  A second edition was published in 2013.
(Note: The cover design shown here refers to the e-book, and is different from the publisher's paperback cover)

When I checked recently, Amazon had it in stock--price 11.95.  To buy the paper book, search 'David Carpenter Transformed Second Edition' on Amazon--or to go straight to the page on Amazon, please click

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NB when last checked, Amazon was also still selling the first edition of the book, published in 2007.  The first edition includes a prophesy that God gave David in 1995.  The second edition includes an additional chapter, an account of how God wonderfully fulfilled the prophesy in 2008--so you may want to be sure to buy the second edition.

An audio version is also available - to download sound recordings of each chapter, please click the link below:

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