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The Christian materials on this site are free to you for personal, non-commercial use.  The purpose of this site is just to glorify the wonderful Lord Jesus, to bless His disciples, and to share the good news that He is alive, and wonderfully changes the lives of those who become His disciples. 

David Carpenter is an evangelist, and an LLM (Licensed Lay Minister) in the Church of England.  He was first licensed in 1979, and has been ministering at St Lawrence's Church, Darlaston in the West Midlands, UK, since 2000. 

At the time of writing, this site contains around 300 sermons as pdf files, one e-book as a pdf file and as an audio-book, a (short) recording about God-given abundance, and links to two audiovisual presentations or videos, originally designed to be given away as DVDs, used as part of outreach. 

Also on the site is an audio Bible, provided free for personal, non-commercial use. 
This is to give you copyright permission to make and distribute unlimited copies of all or part of these Bible audio-recordings, as long as the track giving copyright information is included in all copies, physical copies are labelled with the copyright information, and such copies are not sold for profit. 

To discuss any other use of the recordings, please contact David.

To receive free a complete audio-bible on MP3 CDs - please click the link on the left for details.

When there is an invitation from a Church or other Christian group to talk with them or preach about the bible at a service or group, and they say how many are expected, he brings enough Audio-bibles to give one to everyone who comes to the meeting.

Feedback, including suggested improvements, is really welcome - just click the link '
Contact' on the left. The translation, World English Bible, is in the public domain.

Please feel very welcome to make contact if you would like to ask about or discuss any of the content of this website, or the issues it raises.

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